Twitter vs. Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are among the worlds leaders in top social media sites. Both are a way to communicate with friends and family about whatever your heart desires. But, is one better than the other?  Is one, in fact, more popular? Is one more effective at spreading a message? Are they even comparable?

Facebook has, on average, 1.23 billion daily active users as of December 2016, according to the Facebook Newsroom. As of February 2017, there are 319 million Twitter users, according to DMR Stats and Gadgets.

Obviously, Facebook as more users. But, Twitter leads Facebook in certain demographics. according to Rani Molla, author of the article Social Studies: Twitter vs. FacebookTwitter beats Facebook in users ages 18-29. 37% for twitter to 30% for Facebook. Ages 30-49, Twitter beats Facebook again 44% to 38%. Facebook pulls ahead in the 50-64 age group. Twitter at 15% and Facebook at 23%. Facebook wins again in the 65+ age group, leading Twitter 9% to 4%.

Facebook’s users are encouraged to put a lot of personal information on the site. They are supposed to connect with friends and family. Therefore, many people may refrain from putting their true feelings on there at the risk of offending old lady Ethel from down the block. (Then you have those that share everything including their strong opinions not caring who they offend) but oh well, what can ya do?  Anyway, this is what Twitter is good for. Twitter is good for a larger range of media and news content. Twitter also tends to be more open and versatile. People can share more without as much judgement. Twitter users are younger and more diverse than Facebook users.

According to The Huffington Post, Facebook is a chore, reactive, cluttered, and is considered the PC in the computer world. Whereas Twitter is a hobby, proactive, sleek, and  is considered the MAC in the computer world.

Twitter and Facebook are often difficult to compare. Twitter claims to have hundreds of millions of tweets sent in a day. Whereas Facebook measures its activity based on the amount of time people are on the site. It is impossible to compare retweets to shares.

Both   sites perform similarly on many topics. But, Twitter takes the lead in some crucial areas. These areas include servicing news users who regularly view posts about the government, politics, sports, international news, science and technology, and business. Twitter also leads in servicing users who: see six or more news topics, follow an event as it happens, follow news outlets, follow political parties, and consider it the most important source of news.

Facebook is compared to a scrapbook, archiving important aspects of someones life on to the internet. Twitter focuses on speed, often becoming a source itself. Whether one leads the other in users per day, or certain age groups, one thing’s for sure, both have taken the internet by storm. Both are very common, many users having both cites. Each site can be considered better for certain topics and areas.

So which one is better than the other? You decide.


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