Five reasons why your business should use social media


The business world is fast paced and changing everyday, just like social media. Social media has become increasingly popular, not just among millennial’s, but among every generation and in the business world. Today, companies and organizations use social media to grow their business. Heres five reasons why:

1. Increase brand awareness

Almost everyone you know has some sort of social media, am I right? Of course I am. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, all valuable contenders in the race that occupies a persons time during the day. Why is this important to a business? Because if a person is scrolling through twitter and your companies tweet just so happened to get retweet on their timeline, then BAM, one more person has heared about your company or brand. Companies thrive off of social media these days. Take Wendy’s for example. They use sarcasm and humor to tweet at people, and have generated a huge following because of it. This resonates with people. The better your social media presences, the more people will know about your company and are likely to buy.

2. Help customers; the quicker the better

There’s not much worse than getting horrible customer service or having a horrible experience with a certain product or company. When someone has a bad experience, what do they do? They post about it of course, because all of their followers care so much about the fact that their pizza was ice cold when they got home. Anyway, a company can search themselves and see what people are saying. If someone has a complaint, the company can reply and try to fix the problem. Personalization is key here. Whenever someone tweets or Facebooks a negative comment, a company can defuse the situation quickly. People like things quick these days.

3. “Spy” on the competition

The best way to get ahead is to know the competition. What better way to know your competition then to follow them on every social media site. Find out how they interact with their customers. What they do to help those who have a bad experience. How do they present themselves or promote products. See what works and what doesn’t. Learn form others’ mistakes.

4. Quickly share content

The internet never sleeps. It can be accessed 24/7 by anyone, anywhere. This is great from a business standpoint. Social media allows companies to quickly release information to a huge audience. Want people to know about your newest product? Tweet about it with a link to more info. A tweet can reach so many people in little to no time. A facebook post can be shared over and over again, reaching many people as well. Have a crisis? No problem (well besides the actual crisis, haha), simply post “we are aware of the problem and attempting to fix it. We will update you once we know more.” Ah, the internet, what a great place.

5. Cheap

Free. Everyones favorite ‘F’ word. The internet is such a great place because you can do so much, costing so little. Many social networking sites are free. Create a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with no charge to you. Sure you can upgrade or pay for programs, but lets be real, the basics do the trick. Social media is free and easy place to help expand your business.





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