Is Social Media Ruining Your Life?

I bet almost everyone you know uses social media. Whether it be your family using Facebook for life updates, your best friends using Twitter to say funny things, or your sorority sisters posting cute pictures on Instagram. Regardless the medium, you can ask yourself one simple question: is social media ruining your life?

Now, people have the world literally in their finger tips. With the use of smart phones, tablets, and light weight laptops, the virtual world wide web is always accessible. Many people check social media multiple times a day. Is this taking away from them actually living their lives? Is this effecting their relationships? What about those who don’t think before they post? That picture of you smoking might come back to haunt you one day. Social media can be a very dangerous place.

While writing the first two paragraphs of this blog post alone, I’ve checked my phone three times. Social media is a huge distraction especially for millennial’s. According to‘s article, “Why Social Media is Bad” social media is a productivity killer. The addiction to social media is real. In other than LinkedIn, a majority of social media is used for personal use. Many people casually surf the web while doing their jobs. But, in reality, all those small breaks add up. That could cost companies millions of dollars. According to a study done at the University of Maryland, more than 18% of users can’t do more than a few hours without checking their social media. How about when you’re at dinner. Who needs to engage in actual human interaction when you have Facebook right? Wrong. Take a break and talk about your day using your real voice and not your internet one.

Social media is a great way to connect with old friends, or to connect with new people and create bonds based off shared interests. Bonds with people who live miles and miles away that you may never have met otherwise. But, even though social media allows you to create bonds, it could also be destroying the ones you already have. According to Mckinley Irvin Law firm‘s research, found in an article on Bustle, one in three marriages are ending due to online affairs people are having via Facebook., and other websites of the sort. Social media can cause distrust between partners as well. They wonder they you have a passcode on your phone that they can’t unlock. Is it because he’s flirting with an Instagram model? Is it because she’s DM’ing that college football star? Distrust can ruin relation ships. More than 10% of people say Facebook is a source of jealousy and anger.

Not convinced? Another reason social media could be ruining your life is the fact that your future employer (or maybe not) my look at you posts to decide your fate. Remember that picture you posted of you smoking? Or how about that video you’re tagged in chugging an alcoholic beverage? Yeah. Those could resurface by one google search of your name. Many people don’t think about the affects one post can have later on down the road. Think before you post to avoid the humility of the manger at a PR firm calling you to say “sorry we can’t give you this job based off your twitter account. How can we expect you to run our’s if you can’t efficiently run your own?”

It’s simple, really. Don’t check Twitter every half hour. Don’t use social media in a shady way, especially regarding your significant other. And most importantly, don’t post without thinking. Ask yourself, is social media ruining my life?


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